Sunday, October 7, 2007



Feel wounded deep in my flesh,

The flesh is my heart,

My tender heart is hurt with a blistering sore,

I do feel in the heart not in the brain

This cut feeling so pain and touching my nerve.

And this I feel in a my soul, my heart was deny

Neglect by other.

Why this pain so real?

In moment of trial,

In times of peril and sadness,

I try to not become to pensive,

Because it will become more suffer and tearing apart,

This is my feel of wounded,

Surroundings with me is entrust brother and sister,

By I do feel so neglected,

But will never entreat,

To treat me so kind

Trial and tribulation make me more strengthen and looking forward,

But how do heal the pain in deep?

How do I seal back this gaping that you are made?

Fasbir Sabran Jameelan,

This I founded,

To healing the bleeding pain in very bottom of the hear,

Patience with beauty,

With who make me so grieve

No matter what

I must sabran jameelan

This is lesson that I must learn,

To be patience with grace and preserve,


I just merely his servant,

Allah Almighty,

The only he can foresee deep inside.

We are servant,

Just do a khalifah task,

Just for sake of Islam

Just for sake of Allah’s Reda.

Pena syurga- Ramadan

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